The hide is operated under licence by Swillington Ings Bird Group and is for the use of members.

Non- members, however,  are very welcome to use the facility providing that the hide is open, that is if a member is present.

All users of the hide are requested to act safely and take due regard for the welfare of themselves and others.

A Safety Notice  is posted in the hide to indicate the main areas of potential risk.

This notice is repeated below.



All members or other persons who use the Group’s observation

hide or attend Group events do so at their own risk. Neither the Group

nor its officers can accept any liability for any loss or injury of any kind

sustained whilst accessing or using the hide.

All members and visitors should take normal care of

themselves and any children accompanying them.

Members of the public should not use the hide without an SIBG member

being present. Members are required to ask visitors to leave if that

member is the last one to vacate the hide.

When using the hide members and visitors should pay

particular attention to the following:-


Access to the hide is across land not owned or maintained by the Group.

However, the attention of all users is drawn to the uneven and occasionally

slippery nature of the ground and the risk of tripping or slipping.


The stairs have a handrail at each side and anti-slip netting on each tread.

Normal care should be observed when using the stairs with a

recommendation to use at least one handrail when ascending and

descending. Running and jumping should be avoided.


The door opens to the outside. Care should be taken in blustery

conditions as the prevailing wind will tend to forcibly push the

door closed giving rise to trapping hazards.


These are held closed with turnbuckle catches and held open with

self-locking catches. Care must be taken to ensure that the latter are

properly engaged when opening the windows in order to prevent them

falling and causing injury to users and/or damage to equipment.


The hide is a wooden structure and thus at higher risk of fire. Smoking or naked lights are therefore not permitted.

A fire extinguisher is situated next to the door


Details of any accidents or near misses occurring in or around the hide should be noted in the hide log and reported to a committee member.

A basic first aid pack is available in the hide.

If the accident is serious, the Emergency Services should be called on 999.


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